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Last Day of my Journey to East Java

After having a bad day at the Bella Vista Hotel, hm i suppose i dont recommend anyone to this hotel… i straight to Ketapang Hotel to pick up my Brother and sister and get a breakfast ( hm, it also too expensive breakfast — had to pay 80 rb for 3 bowls of Soto daging.. HAIZ…)… then my journey ends up at BALURAN

It was a rough journey since there is no asphalt road in Baluran. I say monkey, peacock and peacock and monkey and another monkey haha… but got a beautiful scene with the monkey… all are wild, an funny action.. you can say directly in my pics.. Ah, before you enter the Baluran, there is a Japanese Cave near to the gate, It is not big but so historical, you may find that Japanese used to get in the cave to protect themself

One monkey was staring at our car and look suspicious, when i put down the window, he looked like he was claiming his area and doesnt want me to stay closer.. hahaha… so funny. and another monkey pose like a boss…

and on the way to Surabaya, we stopped by at Paiton, the biggest electricity plant in Java, so if it is off, there will be a disaster in Java.

Anyway, enjoy the last pics…

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